The tube that allows you to play with better balls 3 times longer

You can pre-order your future tennis and padel best friend and get 20% off.

"The Bounce tube will soon be part of the basic equipment of the responsible tennis or padel player, just like the reusable water bottle had replaced the traditional plastic one"

Get the feel of playing with new balls each time

At the end of each game, put your tennis and padel balls in the Bounce tube which will rejuvenate your balls thanks to an integrated pump. No more pressure loss between games and much, much bouncier balls.

All-in-one system

All features such as the pump are perfectly integrated to create a seamless user experience for every tennis and padel player.

Perfect for tennis and padel

The Bounce tube has been designed for tennis and padel players, it can hold 3 or 4 balls. Its intelligent pressure monitoring system will let you know once the tube pressure is optimal for his balls.

Modern and robust design

The Bounce tube has been designed to highest European standards.

Imagine the feel of opening a new can of balls every game
3 easy steps

We have created the ultimate and hassle-free user experience. Thanks to its innovative closing system, the pressure in the tube will remain constant for many weeks.

1. Insert

At the end of the game, put the balls in the tube and close the cover.

2. Pump

Pump until you hear a distinct sound that will let you know once there is enough pressure in the tube.

3. Play!

Before the start of the game, release the pressure from the tube by pushing the button on the cover.

Martin explains his experience with the Bounce tube

To be honest, I didn’t believe it would work. I like playing with new balls and it’s hard to find this feeling back after a few games. I must say that the Bounce tube has helped me keep these feelings much longer than the "traditional way". I can only recommend.

"The only tube of balls I need in my bag"



more bounce

more games

more feel

Play with better quality balls longer, no need to throw them away quickly and no need to buy new ones every time.

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Is it a one-time investment or do I have to buy a recharge every game ?

You buy the Bounce tube once. There is no need of a recharge.

How many times do I have to pump ?

No need to think about that, depending on whether you play padel or tennis, the tube will let you know with a "click click" sound once the optimal pressure has been reached. Practically speaking, you'll have to pump somewhere around 10 times.

How long will the pressure be maintained ?

We have designed the tube for it to be hermetic and the pressure will be maintained for several weeks.

How much longer will I be able to use my balls ?

It depends on your level. On average you’ll be able to play 3 times longer but it could be up to 5 times longer.

How do balls lose pressure ?

Balls are made of porous rubber and mainly lose pressure when you don’t play with them, i.e. , when they are in your bag and not when you hit them which sounds like the most logical. The Bounce tube counters that pressure loss that occurs between games.

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